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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishballpointball‧point /bɔːlpɔɪnt/ (also ballpoint pen) noun [countable]  TWRITEa pen with a ball at the end that rolls ink onto the paper
Examples from the Corpus
ballpointAs far as they could tell, the writing, by a ballpoint, was Egan's.Fergie's title has been casually lined through with a ballpoint pen.Erlich had out his ballpoint and his notebook.The words, written in ballpoint, were sweat-smudged. 4.I took the book and a supply of ballpoint pens back in February.I could hardly wait, for example, to get my hands on the original ballpoint pen.I move again and try to write some notes, but it is cold enough to freeze the ballpoint off my biro.
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