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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishballsballs[plural] informal not polite a) HBHtesticles b) BRAVEcourageI didn’t have the balls to ask. c) STUPID/NOT SENSIBLE British English spoken something that is stupid or wrong syn nonsenseThat’s a load of balls! balls1 ball
Examples from the Corpus
ballsThat guy has balls.
ballsballs1 /bɔːlz $ bɒːlz/ interjection British English not polite  DISAPPROVEused to show strong disapproval or disappointmentBalls to that! balls at ball1(10)ballsballs2 verb   balls something ↔ up
Examples from the Corpus
ballsUsing a rounded teaspoon, shape dough into 1-inch balls.Ours is a friendship based on an eccentric love of glass balls, an exchange of a few photographs.Take the pictures of dancers, shot at events such as New Year's Eve balls at luxury hotels.Trolley passengers will be shielded from errant golf balls by 12-foot - high fencing and netting on both sides.The only gala performers currently scheduled to perform at inaugural balls the following night are Estefan, Franklin and Yearwood.Finally 1 let Augie pitch balls to me and tried batting them.His wife, Shirley, handed out the prizes-golf shirts, gloves, balls, umbrellas.The next day I bring her two other glass balls, very beautiful ones.
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