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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishballyhoobal‧ly‧hoo /ˌbæliˈhuː $ ˈbælihuː/ noun [uncountable]  informalEXPRESS when there is a lot of excitement or anger about something – used to show disapproval syn fuss After all the ballyhoo, the film was a flop.ballyhoo verb [transitive] a much ballyhooed program to recruit more police officers
Examples from the Corpus
ballyhooWhile Deion Sanders received most of the pre-game ballyhoo, his bookend Brown went about his business with little or no fanfare.The gesture is likely to be surrounded by much ballyhoo when it is officially announced in April.After all the ballyhoo, the film was a flop.A lot of the ballyhoo centered on the network's new hit show.I have it on good authority that the whale thinks that this ballyhoo is a bunch of, well, blubber.
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