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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbalmybalm‧y /ˈbɑːmi $ ˈbɑːmi, ˈbɑːlmi/ adjective  NICEHOTbalmy air, weather etc is warm and pleasant syn mild a balmy summer night
Examples from the Corpus
balmyThe sun had lost its fierce heat and the air was golden and balmy.The air was balmy and birds sang.Kind skies and balmy breezes instead of the cutting east wind off the marshes.I forgot to mention that we had a mild, almost balmy day on Saturday.It was a balmy night with a full moon and the city shone Picasso blue.There was plenty to toast that balmy Saturday night last August.Bright and balmy, very warm, but John Wade found himself shivering.Last winter, NordicTrack blamed disappointing sales on balmy weather, which encouraged al fresco jogging in January.
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