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Band-AidˈBand-Aid noun [countable]  1 first_aid_kit.jpg MD trademark especially American English a piece of thin material that is stuck to the skin to cover cuts and other small wounds syn plaster British English2 a Band-Aid solution to a problem is temporary and will not solve the problem – used to show disapproval This idea is criticized by some as a Band-Aid solution.
Examples from the Corpus
Band-AidApply moleskin or a Band-Aid and leave in place until it falls off naturally in bath or shower.I excused myself and had all but swallowed a Band-Aid with a well-cooked scab nestled in its cushion pad.She took a Band-Aid out of her purse and stretched it over the cut.A Flintstones Band-Aid is placed strategically over the poster.
Band AidˈBand Aid trademark  an organization set up by Bob Geldof in 1984 to collect money for people dying of hunger in Ethiopia. This was done by getting many famous popular musicians to make a record together called Do They Know It's Christmas?, and by organizing the live aid concerts in London and Philadelphia.
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