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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbandedband‧ed /ˈbændɪd/ adjective  if an object or animal is banded, it has bands of colour or bands of a material around it banded snakesbanded with/in a heavy door banded with steel
Examples from the Corpus
bandedThick metal cables curved up from that helmet into the ducted roof as though the man had sprouted banded antlers.In later years it was fed by a banded iron pipe still in place.Here two plain banded rings have been attached at right angles to the bit of a key.Sumerian gem-cutters also took advantage to a limited degree of another way of exploiting the banded structure of onyx.banded with/inThe boiler was like an upright wooden barrel banded with copper.The same paragraph applies to valuation for banding, especially as properties will be banded in groups of 20,000 or more.There was a door at the top, heavily studded and banded with steel.He then unfolded and mounted his own, circular, of gentian violet gently banded with the lovely Dior gold.Sometimes the whole body of the fish is banded with vertical marks, one of which conveniently blots out the real eye.
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