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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbannedbanned /bænd/ adjective [only before noun]  FORBIDnot officially allowed to meet, exist, or be used Leaders of the banned party were arrested last night. He was suspended for using a banned substance (=a drug that people competing in sport are not allowed to take).
Examples from the Corpus
bannedThere are books on many library shelves which become the subject of litigation, though not banned.Such weapons should be banned and there should be tighter control on their manufacture and import.A further 60 can be used but not sold, while 70 formulations are banned as originally planned.Some fertilizers were found to contain the banned chemicals.William McCrea was imprisoned in 1971 for taking part in a banned march in Dungiven.In addition there are a number of banned opposition parties operating either underground or in exile.In the 1950s, Paisley and Norman Porter led banned parades.The government ordered members of the banned political party to appear for questioning.Even in pedestrian areas where cars are banned, the rumble and the smell are everywhere.banned substanceThe book begins to date immediately as new drugs come out and as the authorities amend the list of banned substances from time to time.

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