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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbanterban‧ter /ˈbæntə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]  JOKING/NOT SERIOUSfriendly conversation in which people make a lot of jokes with, and amusing remarks about, each otherfriendly/good-natured/light-hearted banterbanter with/between easy banter between her cousinsbanter verb [intransitive] I watched the guys as they bantered with the waitresses.bantering adjective
Examples from the Corpus
banterlighthearted and amusing banterEmployees stayed late every night to drink from the open bar and banter about advertising concepts with their mentor.He usually leaves most of his talking for the court, where he likes to hound opponents with defiant banter.At first the other orderlies had merely seized upon it as an excuse for extra banter.But his banter was a way of distracting attention from the issue at hand.The good-natured banter between them excluded Marie.I was impressed with this ribald inter-office banter.Closetting their hurt in quiet worship, salty banter.friendly/good-natured/light-hearted banterThere has been good-natured banter between the two since the draw was made.Are they treated with excessive deference or friendly banter?The good-natured banter between them excluded Marie.This light-hearted banter was amusing, but she mustn't let it get out of hand.
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