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bar code

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bar codeˈbar code ●○○ noun [countable]  barcode.jpg BBTTDa group of thin and thick lines printed on products you buy in a shop, that a computer can read. It contains information such as the price.
Examples from the Corpus
bar codeThere is a bar code plus thirteen digit number on the front of this copy of Everyday Electronics.When a bar code is read, all that is fed into the computer system is the same number.Next month some practical bar code hardware and software will be described.To read in such a small bar code successfully requires a very high degree of resolution.Without this massive data base, all you read in from the bar code is a meaningless number.The do-it-yourself bar code user therefore has to write his or her own reader software.
From Longman Business Dictionarybar codeˈbar code [countable]COMMERCE a series of lines printed on products sold in a shop that can be read by a machine connected to a computer to give the price, keep a record of the sale etcThe scanner at the checkout recognises the bar code and charges the correct amount.bar coding noun [uncountable]The use of bar coding has meant that restocking is done automatically. code
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