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barbed wire

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarbed wireˌbarbed ˈwire noun [uncountable]  barbed_wire.jpg DLOTAwire with short sharp points on it a high barbed wire fence
Examples from the Corpus
barbed wireOn the other side of the double row of barbed wire a guard was standing still holding his rifle at the ready.But after walking for about fifty yards we came to another thinner wall of barbed wire with a gate in it.Soon the wild beauty of the canyons is caged behind miles of ominous barbed wire.You may not, however, top your wall with broken glass or barbed wire without the consent of your local authority.Several civilian employees at Cu Chi were later found dead in the barbed wire set out around the perimeter.After a few minutes, the barbed wire arrived.I closed my mouth and felt as though I had gargled with barbed wire.And going to the facility, he asked all the usual questions: Is the campus fenced in with barbed wire?
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