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bare infinitive

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbare infinitivebare infinitivetechnical the basic form of a verb, for example ‘go’ or ‘eat bare
Examples from the Corpus
bare infinitiveThese sentences support Erades's and Wood's intuitions about the meaning of the bare infinitive construction.And yet the bare infinitive has been chosen by the speaker.There is an obvious parallel, therefore, between the bare infinitive's use in exclamations and that after need and dare.There are fewer contexts where only the bare infinitive seems appropriate.As for the grammatical meaning of the bare infinitive, the following remarks can be made.The extremely rare use of the bare infinitive with the passive of perceptual verbs adds further proof that this is the case.The bare infinitive would blunt the sharp edge of this expressive effect.This explains why the bare infinitive would not be possible in this context.
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