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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarefacedbare‧faced, bare-faced /ˌbeəˈfeɪst◂ $ ˈberfeɪst/ adjective [only before noun]  OFFENDused to describe a remark or action that is clearly untrue or unpleasant, and that shows that you do not care about offending someone syn blatant Why are you telling such barefaced lies?
Examples from the Corpus
barefacedShe kept her cool and dished out more than her fair share of barefaced cheek, in more senses than one.It is the parallel and barefaced cheek of their methods to keep hold of political office that really takes the breath away.Lucien could not endure the thought of appearing barefaced in front of a stranger, especially a person of great status.Some people were having holiday romances: they radiated an air of barefaced sin and were itching to talk about it.
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