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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarelybare‧ly /ˈbeəli $ ˈberli/ ●●○ adverb  1 JUST/ALMOST NOTonly with great difficulty or effort syn only just She was very old and barely able to walk. Mary had barely enough money to live on.barely audible/perceptible/visible/discernible etc His voice was barely audible. She could barely understand English.2 almost not syn hardly She was barely aware of his presence. Joe and his brother are barely on speaking terms.3 IMMEDIATELYused to emphasize that something happens immediately after a previous action syn only just British English Graham had barely finished his coffee when Henry returned.4 used before amounts or numbers to emphasize that they are surprisingly small syn only Nowadays, the village has barely 100 inhabitants.
Examples from the Corpus
barelyA visit to the site of Expo 92 barely 10 days before the opening left many questions unanswered.The room was furnished barely.They lost, but just barely.There was barely a gallon of gas in the tank.He had barely a mile to go before finishing the race.And the stock barely budged from when he took over.The staff here are barely coping with all the work.We had barely crept any closer to our target.She was barely eighteen, and pregnant with her second child.5000 gallons of water is barely enough to supply a fire truck for five minutes.Dole himself, his voice cracking, can barely get through his words: This is a great honor for Bob Dole.I'd barely gotten home when the phone rang.His voice was barely loud enough to be heard at the back of the theatre.Dave barely noticed my new dress.The fog was so bad that we could barely see the road in front of us.However, I was determined that I would marry him even though I'd only known him for barely six months.She had barely slept 10 minutes before she was woken up again.The class had barely started when the fire bell rang.Our tiny apartment, it is true, is barely suited for two people, and certainly not for four.Robyn could barely think, let alone string coherent words together to form an answer.barely ableHis eyes were glassy and he seemed barely able to keep them open.On my final night I tottered back after two shows barely able to put one knee in front of the other.Some, because their interests lie elsewhere, may be barely able to read, and their writing may be rudimentary.By the end of the evening, I was barely able to speak.The police jeep and Boynes' vehicle were barely able to squeeze past.Keith and the other man are slipping and sliding, barely able to stand up.Cantor was barely able to utter this single word, so full of suspense, desire, triumph, and some deviousness.Soon she was barely able to walk and she had oxygen cylinders fitted in her bedroom.
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