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bargaining position/power

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbargaining position/powerbargaining position/powerthe amount of influence someone has and their ability to achieve what they want when starting a discussion or making an agreement πŸ”Š Most new artists and bands aren’t in a strong bargaining position. πŸ”Š This will increase the bargaining power of management in wage negotiations. β†’ bargaining
Examples from the Corpus
bargaining position/powerβ€’ Yet the desire for protection and security and some measure of equality in bargaining power would not down.β€’ The United States seemed to be withholding its signature to achieve increased bargaining power.β€’ In a competitive market the bargaining power of the owner of a particular commodity is limited.β€’ With the conference at last on the calendar, the various countries began preparatory activities to enhance their bargaining positions.β€’ Naturally this bargaining power was not constant.β€’ By tilting bargaining power towards labour, it encouraged big pay claims.β€’ Such a state of affairs provides the seller with a unique opportunity to exploit the relatively weak bargaining position of the investor.β€’ Western bargaining power had been eliminated.
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