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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarnstormingbarn‧storm‧ing /ˈbɑːnˌstɔːmɪŋ $ ˈbɑːrnˌstɔːr-/ adjective [only before noun]  done with a lot of energy and very exciting to watch a barnstorming speech
Examples from the Corpus
barnstormingGray, a barnstorming centre-forward in his day, is equally fearless as a commentator.Hillsborough is a great stadium to be in when it's almost full and you've got a barnstorming derby to watch.Take, for example, my own barnstorming introduction to lightweight aviation from a hollow in the Mendips called Velvet Bottom.Conference watchers say his barnstorming oratory's been sorely missed.
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