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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbaronialba‧ro‧ni‧al /bəˈrəʊniəl $ -ˈroʊ-/ adjective  1 DHHvery large and richly decorated a splendid baronial house2 SSHIGH POSITION OR RANKbelonging to or involving barons
Examples from the Corpus
baronialThis era was packed with architectural revivals including Italianate and baronial.It has a baronial castle which was rebuilt in the early sixteenth century after fire destruction.It was a posh place with high fencing; some kind of old baronial hail.With the establishment of strong dynasties, civil wars and baronial insurrections were quelled or kept under control.Humiliating defeat at Bannockburn in 1314, again placed the king in the hands of the baronial opposition.The Conqueror's bishops in Normandy included his half-brother, Odo of Bayeux, and several of high baronial rank.By this time he had a firm place in baronial society.
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