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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarriobar‧ri‧o /ˈbæriəʊ $ ˈbɑːrioʊ/ noun (plural barrios) [countable]  American EnglishSAN a part of an American town or city where many poor Spanish-speaking people live
Examples from the Corpus
barrioIt was all one continuous barrio.The depths of unlikely love in the dusty barrio are plumbed in Virginia Street, by Toni Press.As a Manila barrio streetfighter, he had drawn more blood than Dracula in a year of Halloween nights.In her poor barrio, La Paca impressed some and irked others with her hocus-pocus and well-connected friends.On June 4 two hundred sailors in rented taxicabs entered the barrio and beat four young men wearing zoot suits.Michael Cajero used to walk down to the barrio after school at Tucson High and never felt afraid.
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