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bartenderbar‧tend‧er /ˈbɑːˌtendə $ ˈbɑːrˌtendər/ noun [countable]  American EnglishBODFD someone who makes, pours, and serves drinks in a bar or restaurant syn barman, barmaid British English
Examples from the Corpus
bartenderStan Green, a bartender at Bistro M, is typical.Waiters and waitresses provide the service to the guests and work under a bartender.But Joe does not argue or order another; the bartender has put him in a good mood.I told them who were the head guys, let the bartenders know what they drink.The long room was dark, but a tiny light behind the bar showed the bartender which shot-glass held a full measure.Dunne motioned to the bartender, who refilled their glasses again.The bartender left a glass of cloudy, yellowish water in front of him and stood back.
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