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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbaselessbase‧less /ˈbeɪsləs/ adjective  UNTRUEnot based on facts or good reasons – used to show disapproval syn unfoundedbaseless rumours/charges/accusations
Examples from the Corpus
baselessMuch of the presumption that surrounds Ratner's fall from grace is baseless.Not only mean; perhaps it was utterly baseless.Party chairman Chris Patten, who repeatedly urged caution, was not to know that Treasury forecasts of recovery were baseless.Soul Folks' nickname, Slow Folks, is not baseless.We hoped that, in time, our fears would prove baseless.Corrada could only have hurt himself by airing such baseless accusations.Invocations of popular support or consent may be baseless and even blatantly dishonest.The charge was baseless and eventually dropped.baseless rumorsbaseless rumours/charges/accusationsCorrada could only have hurt himself by airing such baseless accusations.
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