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basic salary/pay/pension etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbasic salary/pay/pension etcbasic salary/pay/pension etcBEWthe amount of money that you are paid before any special payments are added On top of the basic salary, there are numerous other benefits. basic
Examples from the Corpus
basic salary/pay/pension etcFirstly, women can only receive a pension based on their husband's contributions if he himself is in receipt of a basic pension.Graduated pension is increased annually in the same way as the basic pension.There is a generous stock-option scheme, and performance-related pay that can, in some cases, double basic salaries.Managers may earn bonuses up to 25 percent of their basic salary in some hotels.Your basic pension may be increased if you are supporting a dependent spouse or children.Blackwell and Deane received a basic salary plus poundage according to the level of military spending.In money terms, the value is about 60 percent of the level of basic pension to which their husband is entitled.
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