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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbasicallyba‧sic‧ally /ˈbeɪsɪkli/ ●●● S1 adverb  1 [sentence adverb] spokenSIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDBASIC used to emphasize the most important reason or fact about something, or a simple explanation of something Basically, I’m just lazy. Well, basically, it’s a matter of filling in a few forms. I used to see him every night, basically.2 BASICin the main or most important ways, without considering additional details or differences syn fundamentally All cheeses are made in basically the same way. I believe that human beings are basically good. Basically, he hadn’t changed at all.
Examples from the Corpus
basicallyWilliam Green was basically a family man.The film appears to be quite complicated but it's basically a love story.The office was very basically equipped.He made films that were designed basically for the drive-in movie, to be glimpsed between clinches.He knew that basically he had enjoyed the careful battle of wits.You got to know the people. ... I don't think you can do the job basically, in an office.But he says the company basically is in the same predicament it was 10 years ago.We only took a few shirts and a pair of jeans. That's basically it, really.The identity of a man is basically no different from that of any other animal.People are basically selfish, angry and mean.Well, basically, she's just a lot of fun to work with.Norwegian and Danish are basically the same.Basically we're looking for someone who can work three afternoons a week.Basically, you just have to write what the teachers want.
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