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basquebasque /bæsk/ noun [countable]  DCCa piece of underwear for a woman that covers her body from under her arms to the top of her legs
Examples from the Corpus
basqueShown here is another beautiful basque from Gossard.I put on the black basque and the lacey-topped stockings.A gold basque worn by Madonna was sold for £9,000.There will be demonstrations in roller hockey and pelota basque, but there's no place for cricket.
BasqueBasque /bæsk, bɑːsk $ bæsk/ noun  1 [countable] a person from the mountainous area between southern France and northern Spain. Some people who live in this area consider themselves to be a separate nation that does not belong to either France or Spain, and some Basques in Spain have tried to gain political independence. ETA2 [uncountable] the language of the Basques, which is unusual because it is not related to any other language in the worldBasque adjective Basque separatists (=people who want the Basque area to become a separate state)
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