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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbastardbas‧tard /ˈbɑːstəd, ˈbæ- $ ˈbæstərd/ noun [countable]  1 tabooUNPLEASANT someone, especially a man, who you think is unpleasant. Do not use this wordYou lying bastard!2 spoken informal not politeMAN a man who you think is very lucky or very unlucky – often used humorouslyHe’s gone straight to the top, the lucky bastard.The poor bastard fell off his horse.3 PROBLEM British English spoken informal something that causes difficulties or problems Life’s a bastard sometimes.4 SYFAMILY old-fashioned someone who was born to parents who were not married
Examples from the Corpus
bastardYou're such a lazy bastard!
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