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batchbatch /bætʃ/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 GROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGSa group of people or things that arrive or are dealt with togetherbatch of Every day another batch of papers reaches the manager, demanding his attention.2 DFMDa quantity of food, medicine etc that is produced or prepared at the same timebatch of She was in the kitchen taking a batch of bread out of the oven.3 a set of jobs that are dealt with together on a computer an overnight batch file a batch job
Examples from the Corpus
batchMr Green, I have a batch of letters here for you to sign.The baker took a batch of freshly baked rolls out of the oven.a batch of cookiesHome plans to get its first batch of cable modems from Motorola.Since the Validation program may take several hours to run, it is recommended that it is run overnight in batch mode.Sort the files into batches and give one batch to each secretary.If you'd rather receive your mail in large batches than have it trickle through, request a digest where available.The latest batch of new recruits had just arrived at the camp.the latest batch of reportsThen she ran, reappearing in the next batch of dreams.This has been mostly in agricultural chemicals where tonnages have proved a good fit with Hickson's type of batch equipment.Also, because it is a natural product, its textures may vary from one batch to the next.batch fileFirstly - presuming you have a batch file to run Ability Plus - type in the batch filename.It is triggered from a Windows Command Prompt, usually in the form of a batch file.Finally, batch files are covered in detail explaining why we use these compact command files and what each batch command does.You only need to enclose the parameters in the batch file in quotes where there are spaces in the parameter.This runs the batch file which will put you in the correct subdirectory and run the program.Of course, this batch file can be set in motion from within the database, if required.You could run the applications concerned from shortcuts to batch files.
From Longman Business Dictionarybatchbatch /bætʃ/ noun1[countable] a group of similar things or people arriving or being dealt with at the same timethe process of indexing each new batch of documents2[countable] a quantity of food, goods, work etc prepared or produced at the same timeThe paper is always from a single batch, to ensure evenness of shade.
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