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bathingbath‧ing /ˈbeɪðɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  DSS British English the activity of swimming in the sea, a river, or a lake syn swimming Is the beach safe for bathing?
Examples from the Corpus
bathingThere, as if a curtain had been raised on both sides of the river, suddenly were campsites, fishing and bathing.When the dun evening comes the kids go down to the irrigation channels for some bilharzia bathing.It then took more than an hour of bathing and shampooing to get Tosh back to his natural ebony colour!Rituals of bathing and tending the body.Unfortunately, like the Med, the Sea of Sacramento is shallow and polluted - bathing is not recommended.Leisure activities still take place here although they are more likely to be water skiing, wind surfing and sailing rather than bathing.I think bathing is jolly good f-fun.For the first time in her adult life, Polly went to bed without bathing or cleaning her teeth.
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