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bathing/jogging etc suit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbathing/jogging etc suitbathing/jogging etc suitDCCa piece of clothing or a set of clothes used for swimming, running etc boiler suit, shell suit, sweat suit, tracksuit, wet suit suit
Examples from the Corpus
bathing/jogging etc suitSeeing Felix resignedly pick up his towel and bathing suit, Mabs and Tashie rushed behind a rock to change.A more natural line evolved as bathing suit and fabric technology was improved to push, pull and lift invisibly.She was looking very pretty in her bathing suit, her hair still damp from swimming.They have doctorates in education, and pace the halls in jogging suits.Babur puts on his new bathing suit and shows off.She got into her old pink jogging suit and her sneakers.I shower and lay out all seven bathing suits on the bed and try to picture myself in one in particular.There they were, those pretty young girls all in a row, wearing standardized bathing suits, glamour gowns and smiles.
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