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batmanbat‧man /ˈbætmən/ noun (plural batmen /-mən/) [countable]  PMAan officer’s personal servant in the British army
Examples from the Corpus
batmanDespite years of being taken care of by a batman he knew exactly what was expected of him.In my view, the arrival of a batman with a bucket of water is often inimical to romance.The major wheezed his farewells and Stephen found himself the possessor of a shiny belt, new boots and a deferential batman.I have mentioned my excellent batman, Jones.He and ten other penguins are staring in the new batman film, which premieres tonight in London.
BatmanBat‧man /ˈbætmæn/ trademark  a popular character in cartoon strips, films, and television programmes, who fights criminals and protects ordinary people. He has a partner called Robin who sometimes helps him. Batman wears a large black cape and a black mask, and he drives a car called the Batmobile, which contains a lot of clever equipment and can travel very fast. When Batman has a good idea Robin usually says ‘Good thinking, Batman!’ People sometimes use this phrase humorously when someone suggests a plan.
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