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batsmanbats‧man /ˈbætsmən/ noun (plural batsmen /-mən/) [countable]  DSCthe person who is trying to hit the ball in cricketbowler
Examples from the Corpus
batsmanThen it happened, that one false move that a batsman never wants to make.The answer is that his remarkable methods as batsman, bowler and captain made him one of the great sporting entertainers.Len Darling: Bodyline batsman Darling's batting was always positive as well as selfless.Yet I'd be inclined to play the extra batsman, going for the experience of Hashan Tillekaratne.Worthy replacements for batsmen nearing the end are hard to find.At Leeds he made 309 in a day; a modern batsman does well to score a century in that time.Neither batsman was troubled although Morris always looked the more positive player, thumping 11 fours in his 134 ball unbeaten 98.The batsman drove the last ball of the over for four, and the bowler kicked the ground in exasperation.
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