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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbatteredbat‧tered /ˈbætəd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 OLD/NOT NEWold and in bad condition a battered old suitcase2 battered woman/wife/husband/baby etc
Examples from the Corpus
battereda battered 1969 FordThere was nothing in his office except for a few battered chairs.Under the window was an easel and a stool and beside it a battered chest of drawers.Oil stocks were looking battered following a slide in the price of crude.He carried the same battered green journal with him on all his travels.A small, battered house in a small battered terrace; the buildings appeared to be leaning on one another for support.Alex and Lisa used to drive around town in a battered old Fiat Uno.His shock decision - on the eve of Labour's party conference - threw a lifeline to battered Premier John Major.He could see the battered standard lamp, the mirror, the dowdy wallpaper.It was a small, battered tin money-box.He looked up and saw a plane following him down; it too had a battered wing-tip.
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