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battered woman/wife/husband/baby etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbattered woman/wife/husband/baby etcbattered woman/wife/husband/baby etcHURT/CAUSE PAINsomeone who has been violently attacked by their husband, wife, father etc battered
Examples from the Corpus
battered woman/wife/husband/baby etcIt was not intended to suggest that these were battered wives.The church has already erred on this side in the counsel it has given battered women.The person on call made us a cup of tea - battered wives' homes are the greatest!Now the ikons of female suffering are all around us; the image of the battered woman is high fashion.Moreover, battered women often wind up dropping the charges as reconciliation with the abuser.They took us to the police station and then to a battered women's house at about 2 a.m.The groups most adamant about denying help to battered women were the conservative fundamentalists and some orders of Catholicism.We have often been tempted to abandon this task; then another battered woman would come into our lived.
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