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battle of wills

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbattle of willsbattle of willsa situation in which opposing sides refuse to change what they want, in the hope that the other side will decide to change first a battle of wills between teacher and student battle
Examples from the Corpus
battle of willsInstead I was getting myself into an increasingly confrontational situation, a battle of wills, with the Director of Coaching.A battle of wills, no less, between pursuer and prey.This follows whispers of an alleged battle of wills with manager Don Mackay.After two days even the smallest decision could become an exhausting battle of wills.A drawn-out battle of wills began, with my having to stone-wall both in London and on visits to Moscow.The battle of wills between them forms the backbone of the story.In fact, their battle of wills is escalating.
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