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battleshipbat‧tle‧ship /ˈbætlˌʃɪp/ noun [countable]  PMNthe largest type of ship used in war, with very big guns and heavy armour
Examples from the Corpus
battleshipHe would get a battleship the following year and eventually would become a Fleet Commander.This is played with multi-armed Klingon and Federation battleships and a ten-sided dice.We were about to begin our second bombing run when there was a colossal explosion in battleship row.Royal Navy, battleship was torpedoed off the South Devon coast, with the loss of more than 500 men.Things were going well until the arrival of the Borg, a multi-armed, part-organic battleship that was virtually indestructible.We played battleships all day, and nobody wanted to use the phone.My level-bombing group had entered on its bombing run toward the battleships moored to the east of Ford Island.In the same year the battleship Vanguard blew up in Scapa Flow.
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