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bauxitebaux‧ite /ˈbɔːksaɪt $ ˈbɒːk-/ noun [uncountable]  HCHEGa soft substance that aluminium is obtained from
Examples from the Corpus
bauxiteSugar production fell to a record low of 129,920 tonnes in 1990 and bauxite production was 15 percent below target.The operating conditions make short-term or spot contracts highly risky; stockpiling is uneconomic, because bauxite has few alternative uses.The Columbia River was a traffic jam of barges carrying bauxite to the smelters in Longview, Washington.Got a fair bauxite strike and some low-grade iron ore, but it's standard.The production of aluminium from bauxite requires about 20 times more energy than does scrap aluminium.For example, 80 percent of our tin and 75 percent of our bauxite come from the Third World.It has three distinct stages of processing - bauxite mining, alumina refining and ingot smelting.Tropical forests are also destroyed to make way for the hydro-electric plants to smelt bauxite - used in aluminum cans.
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