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bazaarba‧zaar /bəˈzɑː $ -ˈzɑːr/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 BBTa market or area where there are a lot of small shops, especially in India or the Middle East2 BBSSOan occasion when a lot of people sell different things to collect money for a good purpose a church bazaar
Examples from the Corpus
bazaarHallaj and his ideas were discussed in the streets and bazaars of Baghdad.Harte and his stable of writers saw California as a nexus, with San Francisco as its central bazaar.I visited the underground cisterns. spent hours in the covered bazaar and a whole morning among the treasures of the Seraglio.Now, in a healthy exercise of democracy and the idea bazaar, the tower of economic doctrine is quivering.A few minutes later in the nearby bazaar, some one taps the visitor on the shoulder, offering tea and conversation.But to sit around in a house, organising bazaars, having my hair done, that sort of thing?It was only partly the men he had out on the streets and in the bazaars, the special agents like Georgiades.There is a window at which I sit and look down into the bazaar.
From Longman Business Dictionarybazaarba‧zaar /bəˈzɑː-ˈzɑːr/ noun [countable]1a market, especially in India, North Africa, or the Middle Easta bustling local market and bazaar2journalism a place where things are bought and sold in a disorganized or unofficial wayThe free market’s arrival turned Poland’s cities into cut-price bazaars.
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