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be a disgrace

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a disgracebe a disgraceUNFAIRused to say that something or someone is so bad or unacceptable that the people involved with them should feel ashamed πŸ”Š The UK rail system is a national disgrace.be a disgrace to πŸ”Š You are a disgrace to the medical profession.absolute/utter disgrace πŸ”Š It’s an absolute disgrace, the way he treats his wife. β†’ disgrace
Examples from the Corpus
absolute/utter disgraceβ€’ After 13 years, it is an absolute disgrace that no input has been made to tackling unemployment.β€’ Next door's goings on were an absolute disgrace.β€’ I shall have you drummed out of this establishment in utter disgrace!
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