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be a foil to/for somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a foil to/for somebody/somethingbe a foil to/for somebody/somethingDIFFERENTto emphasize the good qualities of another person or thing, by being very different from them The simple stone floor is the perfect foil for the brightly coloured furnishings. foil
Examples from the Corpus
perfect foilThe bright flavor of paprika, in combination with sour cream, is a perfect foil for the succulent meat of rabbit.His work makes a perfect foil to Brown's insane language games.The intensely flavored, spicy mole, with chocolate as its base, is the perfect foil for wild turkey.A simple round neck style with wrist length sleeves it makes the perfect foil for a favourite scarf or piece of jewellery.
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