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be a full-time job

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a full-time jobbe a full-time jobto be very hard work and take a lot of time Keeping pace with changes is a full-time job. full-time
Examples from the Corpus
be a full-time jobBut looking after the wear and tear was a full-time job.But most people in Hanoi could not afford consumer luxuries, and even acquiring necessities was a full-time job.It really was a full-time job.Job hunting is a full-time job.Now it really is a full-time job.It was a full-time job and if the husband was gone, it was a major loss.C.-it was a full-time job and there was no choice in the matter.Managing diversity will be a full-time job for anyone with a niche in the interlinked economy.
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