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be a good/wonderful/terrible etc cook

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a good/wonderful/terrible etc cookbe a good/wonderful/terrible etc cookCOOKto be good or bad at preparing and cooking food cook
Examples from the Corpus
be a good/wonderful/terrible etc cookAs a result, the adult John is obsessed with food, has an overstocked fridge and is a good cook.He is a good cook, isn't he?My aunt and I are good cooks.Nils may be a good cook, but his time will be better spent away from the galley.Of motivation to get good grades in school or to be a good cook?Franca, said to be a good cook, was not a good cook, just an ingenious cook.To be a good cook you have to do a lot of things precisely, but it requires no understanding.Zelah was a good cook and he enjoyed the meal.
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