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be a handful

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a handfulbe a handfulinformalCONTROL someone, especially a child, who is a handful is difficult to control She’s a lovely child, but she can be a bit of a handful sometimes. handful
Examples from the Corpus
be a handfulIn it was a handful of small sherds.It was a handful of teams from all over the map.That is a handful of the most visible Salomon mortgage traders on Wall Street.He's not alone; there are a handful of others who have nowhere else to go.However, there were a handful of occasions at Cely when her husband's restraining influence was very much a factor.There is a handful of raw-material exports.There were a handful of men in the audience when I saw the film.Foremost among provincial towns were a handful of regional capitals with populations upwards of five or six thousand.
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