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be a long shot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a long shotbe a long shotPROBABLY a) used to say that a plan is worth trying, even though you think it is unlikely to succeed It’s a long shot, but someone might recognise her from the photo and be able to tell us where she lives. b) American English if someone is a long shot, they are not likely to be chosen for a job or to win an election, competition etc Turner is a long shot to win next month’s mayoral election. shot
Examples from the Corpus
be a long shotIt was a long shot, but he might have been calling from his usual hotel in Lagos.It was a long shot, of course, but if she looked carefully she might find something.It was a long shot, very long.Well, actually, he wanted two things, but he knew the second was a long shot.It does no harm to write to the nearest local residents and businesses, but generally this is a long shot.This is a long shot, but I still want to try it.We are long shots and we are approaching it that way.
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