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be a mark of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a mark of somethingbe a mark of somethingTYPICALto show that someone or something is a particular thing, has a particular quality etc syn be a sign of something The ability to perform well under pressure is the mark of a true champion. mark
Examples from the Corpus
be a mark of somethingHis representing Kent in the Carlisle parliament of 1307 was a mark of corresponding importance in his own pays.Baptism is a mark of belonging, a ground of assurance, which the Spirit can take home to our hearts.This hopefulness in the face of difficulties is a mark of Humphrey's novels.Participants know that inclusion is a mark of their own excellence.It is a mark of cross-cultural identification, involving a complicated mix of pride, achievement and lingering shame.It is a mark of respect for those you intend to do business with.That this did not happen to princes was a mark of their ability.Rebellion was a mark of achievement more than a sign of weakness.Their suffering was a mark of being chosen.
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