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be a matter of doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a matter of doing somethingbe a matter of doing somethingDEPEND ON/RELY ONused to say that an action involves doing somethingbe simply/largely/merely etc a matter of doing something Reducing the number of road deaths is not simply a matter of improving roads. matter
Examples from the Corpus
be simply/largely/merely etc a matter of doing somethingBeing right was largely a matter of explanations.But if the move from history to hystery were simply a matter of role reversal it would be relatively unproblematic.If the software documentation is readable and understandable, this should be largely a matter of following instructions.It was simply a matter of trying every door.Pareto was more convinced that authority is simply a matter of fraud rather than self-justification by the elite.So learning is simply a matter of remembering what is important.Then it was simply a matter of following footpaths to wells and villages.What actions express an attitude is largely a matter of social convention.
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