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be a matter of opinion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a matter of opinionbe a matter of opinionused to say that people have different opinions about something, especially when you yourself have a negative opinion Whether or not he is any good as a manager is a matter of opinion. matter
Examples from the Corpus
be a matter of opinionWhether Innocent could have achieved his ends earlier or by better means must in the final analysis be a matter of opinion.Many of these answers are a matter of opinion; some issues will matter more to some people than others.Deciding which bag is easier to carry is a matter of opinion.How successfully it is done is a matter of opinion on the part of the individual reader.It is a grand conception; whether it is a useful one may be a matter of opinion.Q: Well, that is a matter of opinion.That would be a matter of opinion; he had a newspaper which he kept looking at, and shaking out.
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