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be a matter of (personal) taste/choice/preference

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a matter of (personal) taste/choice/preferencebe a matter of (personal) taste/choice/preferenceused to say that different people like different things I can’t say which wine is best – it’s a matter of personal taste. matter
Examples from the Corpus
be a matter of (personal) taste/choice/preferenceThe amount of the increase or decrease is a matter of preference.The first is a matter of taste.In the United States, food is a matter of taste, time and price.Quite what that means is a matter of taste, because a breed does not exist until it has been named.The size of the pleat is a matter of choice.If you think torturing babies is good, that is a matter of taste.This is a matter of choice.Switching to the Normal channel I would say that using the crunch option for rock solo work is a matter of taste.
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