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be a natural

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a naturalbe a naturalGOOD ATto be good at doing something without having to try hard or practise People think I am a natural, but I’ve had to work at it. natural
Examples from the Corpus
be a naturalSchwartzkopf's a natural on TV.The Mormon Lake area is a natural for winter sports.There wasn't a murmur of disapproval from the drug testers - all the ingredients were natural and contained no chemical stimulants.Also, because it is a natural product, its textures may vary from one batch to the next.Now it is natural to wonder if I had any freedom whatever.It was natural to dance together.Everyone said-and I listened-that law was a natural for me.It was beauty that was natural and artificial at once, and the blend created this flower child of the Follies.I'd like it to be natural, spontaneous, not something that requires a special outfit.
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