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be a pain (in the neck)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a pain (in the neck)be a pain (in the neck) (also be a pain in the ass/arse/backside/butt not polite) spokenDIFFICULT to be very annoying There were times when Joe could be a real pain in the neck. It’s a pain, having to go upstairs to make the coffee every time. pain
Examples from the Corpus
be a pain (in the neck)Everyone thinks he's a pain in the neck.It's such a pain to have to drive downtown.I hate the IVs, they hurt and are a pain.Little brothers are such a pain in the neck!Carla can be a pain sometimes, but she's been a good friend to me.Instead all she could feel was pain.When I entered it, I was pained with the cold.Just the starting it is a pain and the tipping it to get it started is a pain.She felt her strength returning, but there was pain in her eyes, chest and throat.I imagined myself traveling the world, giving succor wherever there was pain and suffering.
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