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be (a) part of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (a) part of somethingbe (a) part of somethingto be included or involved in something Falling over is part of learning how to ski. If you decide to work for our organisation, you will be part of a great team. part
Examples from the Corpus
be (a) part of somethingIf breeding is part of the experimental protocol then the premises must be designated for both breeding and scientific procedures.The child is not simply afraid of failure as such, though it is part of his anxiety.Lowe is part of the Lowe Group, one of the three large subsidiaries of Interpublic.I would not be a part of the caravan that year.These pictures are part of an exhibition on lynchings at the New York HistoricalSociety.All this new responsibility is just part of growing up.There are parts of the United Nations that certainly could work better.He looked like a farm worker, but seemed to be part of the family.To be part of that melody of infinite chimes of light!
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