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be a prime candidate/target (for something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a prime candidate/target (for something)be a prime candidate/target (for something)MAINto be the person or thing that is most suitable or most likely to be chosen for a particular purpose The school is a prime candidate for closure. Old people are a prime target for thieves. prime
Examples from the Corpus
be a prime candidate/target (for something)It was clear the police were looking for reporters, that they were prime targets.In addition, any enemy hit by a net is a prime target for a club attack as explained below.Joseph was a prime candidate for deportation.We would have thought this was a prime candidate for disclosure.The law and order section is a prime target for every kind of scam.And if you understood that, you are a prime target for the party's newest election weapon.The school meals service is a prime target in the government's plans for bringing in outside contractors.Vinyl and aluminum siding are prime candidates to take flight in a high wind.
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