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be a pushover

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a pushoverbe a pushover informala) PERSUADEto be easy to persuade, influence, or defeat They aren’t the best team in the league, but they’re no pushover, either.be a pushover for Tony’s a pushover for blondes. b) EASY British English to be very easy to do or win The exam was a pushover. pushover
Examples from the Corpus
be a pushoverShe's a kind and gentle person, but she's no pushover.The kids all think their new English teacher's a real pushover.Love Story I thought you'd be a pushover.Mr. Corry quickly showed the students that he was no pushover.I couldn't have her thinking I was a pushover.Colonel Moore was no pushover. He wouldn't let anyone tell him what to do.Ile De Nisky should win, but neither Monastery nor Muhbubh will be pushovers.It was a pity one could not invade without giving advance warnings and following the rules: it would be a pushover.
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