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be a recipe for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a recipe for somethingbe a recipe for somethingCAUSEto be likely to cause a particular result, often a bad one She said that five small boys on skis was a recipe for disaster, not a holiday. recipe
Examples from the Corpus
be a recipe for somethingSound accounting advice will make your business; lack of good accounting advice is a recipe for financial disaster.A plentiful supply of anything is a recipe for disaster.Learning from experience is a recipe for continuous improvement.Here are recipes for some of the updated versions of macaroni and cheese.Nationalist plans for independence are a recipe for weakness and isolation.The latter is a recipe for chaos, anarchy and mutual extinction.Three managers and three chairmen in 18 months is a recipe for football disaster.I think the new regulations are a recipe for economic disaster.Its ads, coupled with diet industry ads and media images that promote slenderness, are a recipe for bulimia.
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